Chairman's Message...

Chairman - Mr.Nimal Kariyapperuma

It is with utmost commitment and pride that Tasma International Multi Services (Pvt) Ltd was formed with a single minded proposition, that the company would operate and provide services in order to minimize environmental pollution and to create impact in sustaining a greener earth for our future generations.

Tasma International Multi Services aims to lead by example as an eco based company in the region to generate awareness of alternate energy source such as bio based fuel products, that provide a sustainable energy solution and to reduce the dependency on fossil fuel. This in turn contributes to the economic growth of the country by reducing the import of crude oil and foreign exchange purchase.

With our "Bio Mass" mission at hand, our market is focused towards the industrial and development sectors of Sri Lanka, though not restricted in its application, we also provide alternate means to deal with solid waste issues, the never-ending garbage disposal problems that our country has been plagued with for decades. As an Eco based company our pledge to the environment doesn't end here. Understanding the evolution cycle in sustaining Mother Nature, re-plantation and growth plays a vital role in our company to maintain that fine balance of regeneration.

As a fast developing nation, Sri Lanka is rapidly moving forward in the global market and we at Tasma Multi Services, hope to be a driving force in our own small way, to contribute towards a better tomorrow for us all.

Nimal Kariyapperuma

Chairman Tasma Group