About Us

Tasma International Multi Services being encompassed by a platter of services, the bio fuel manufacturer of the company is highlighted as a trend setter within the country. Adhering to strict environmental laws, we are an eco based company that manufacturers bio based fuel products that cater to an array of applications in the industrial and non industrial sectors, used in various stoves and boilers across the global.

Catering and servicing various companies is the use of briquettes, wood chips, wood logs, saw dust and paddy husks, we are changing the mindset of various industries where fossil based fuel has been traditionally the primary form of energy source, in numerous industries in the island, while our location in the Indian Ocean gives us the perfect edge in placement for distribution to any country within a short lead time.

We also provide a hassle free onsite service for clients, where we purchase, install and maintain boiler systems for long term use. Having our customers' only purchase the generated steam or energy makes it a convenient form of an alternate source of energy for the end-user. In addition an alternate option is also available for customers who wish to purchase and install their boiler units while we take away the burden in maintaining and servicing such units.

Established in 2004, Tasma International Multi Services, stands as the largest addition within the Tasma group of companies. Specializing in outsourced bottle washing for large manufacturing entities, to an island wide distribution network of globally renowned brands. Tamsa Multi Services has paved the way for yet another subsidiary for the processing and manufacture of bio mass products within in the island.


To be established and be recognized as an eco based company that is trustworthy and reliable market leader in the supply of bio based fuel.


To lead by example in setting the standard in promoting the reduction of pollution and carbon foot print, by lowering the dependency on fossil based fuel and to rely on alternate self sustainable energy source. Providing long term solutions for the disposal of garbage and to make maximum use of Agro waste to help contribute to the growth of the nation.