Our 60,000 sq/ft Biomass processing plant at Biyagama is strategically based at key crossroads for easy access, housing and logistical demands which is met for island wide need. With a capacity to house over 100,000 kgs of briquettes, wood chip and saw dust, we have the flexibility to meet any basic need for such products.

A skilled labour force of over 100 employees, in addition to our qualified management and engineering team, make up Tasma's biomass processing plant providing products and services solely based on quality and excellence.

WoodChip, Wood Chip

Wood Chip

Current Average Daily & Monthly Output –
Daily 170 tons, monthly 5000 tons
Holding Capacity -4000 tons



Current Average Daily & Monthly Output -
Daily 15 tons, monthly 500 tons
Holding Capacity – 200 tons

Saw Dust/Paddy Husk

Saw Dust / Paddy Husks

Current Average Daily & Monthly Output –
Daily 50 tons, monthly 1500 tons
Holding Capacity -500 tons